Episode 14: The Ballad of Spilly

Advance warning: not much baseball this time around. Scott Baker, woo.

This week, we spent a half hour chatting with Spilly, internet chef and writer for SB Nation. Spilly began posting his cuisine a couple months ago on Progressive Boink, and has amassed a strong following by showing wanton, though cheerful, disregard for gastrointestinal dignity. Spilly is a marvelous American, his creations a nihilistic paean to all that is bold, true, and sprinkled with sriracha.

Audio difficulties cut off the beginning of the interview. If you want to jump to the Spillster (and miss us talking about Scott Baker), it starts about 11 minutes in.

Email us at thecentralmessage@gmail.com unless your name is Spencer Hall or Jon Bois. We’re not interested in helming the SB Nation podcast empire. Working on the internet sounds fun until the paycheck comes and it’s an envelope of lemon Mambas and Game Gear cartridges.

Click here to listen. Or listen below.


About The Central Message

Two friends who like the Cubs and Cardinals put aside their differences in favor of a better world and poop jokes.
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One Response to Episode 14: The Ballad of Spilly

  1. Loved the podcast! Thanks!

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