Episode 19: The Theo Bowl

Selby couldn’t join us, so to really kick him while he’s down, we replaced him with a Red Sox fan.

Bryan Joiner writes for The Classical and SB Nation’s Red Sox blog, Over the Monster. He joined us on short notice late Tuesday night to chat about his team’s chances of vanquishing the world’s evil/winning one more game, what it’s been like to root for a worst-to-first team, why Ben Cherington doesn’t need to be new Theo, and lots of other stuff.

He also wrote/compiled this, an “oral history” of sorts of this Red Sox season. I’ve never seen anything done quite like it, and it makes you feel transported back in the same way a good sports documentary does, like June 17, 1994 or something along those lines. As someone with no strong feelings toward this Red Sox team, I loved it and hope you’ll check it out, too.

Click here to listen. Or listen below.

About The Central Message

Two friends who like the Cubs and Cardinals put aside their differences in favor of a better world and poop jokes.
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